September 18, 2017

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In today competitive world getting our organization to pace up with technology and meeting the needs of customers is seems as a hideous task. Many business organization is facing difficulty in recording clients data. The new VOIP(Voice Over Internet Protocol) Voice logger allows the organization to records call of clients.It allows businesses to keep records and improves customer services.Here are some of the best qualities of Voice logger and know its commercial use.


1. Call Recordings: The Voice logger allows small or big businesses organization to records voice data of the customers. It will be very useful as it records the telephonic conversation of the clients and helps in understanding customers needs and requirements. It is very useful for the organization like BPOs, IT, Health, Hospital, Banking and many government sectors to ease the customer’s queries through recorded telephonic conversation via Voice Logger.

2. Easy Installation: The other benefit of voice logger is an easy installation of its software and its compatibility with the various system. It provides USB interface and supports hot-swap; PNP(plug and play) and automatic recognition.

3. Flexibility Over Channel: With unique voice inserting technology, it can cut in sound prompt on demand (optionally) during recording.It accurately judges the channel status(Pickup/pickoff, Ringing, Activity/Silence, Short- circuit, Disconnection).Voice Logger supports caller ID display and automatically identifies FSK and DTMF modes.

4. Application areas: Voice Logger is widely used in many areas of Telephone Service’s working Quality Monitoring System. The key sector of Banking, Insurance, Securities for audio monitoring is also handled by voice logger. Scheduling departments: aviation, electric power, railways, oil, ports, transportation and another conducting control center for monitoring the telephone recording as evidence for government departments and enterprises.

5. Performance and User-friendly: The Voice Logger performance is mostly based upon its hardware and software compatibility.So before buying it should check needs and requirements. Most voice logger is user-friendly so it is easy to share, record and retrieve call details of any clients.





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