Headphones & Headsets derived from advanced active noise control engineering


Noise Canceling Headphones & Noise Isolating headphones offered by AKOM work on advance noise control engineering. We deliver our Headphones to all Indian cities in less than 7 working days. To explain why AKOM’S Headphones and Headsets are best suited to cancel or isolate noise, here are some insights into noise engineering first. At AKOM, We try to offer the most advanced engineering work to your offices at the most reasonable price. Our noise reduction technology creates frequencies at your ear that help precludes/block the sounds within the room. With the use of this technology you can hear your clients at low volume too because the ambient sounds or the outside rumble of your colleagues, Air Conditioner whizz etc is obviated.

Noise Canceling headphones come in all shapes and sizes – RJ9 Headsets, USB Headphones, Wireless or Bluetooth Headphones. Same goes for the Noise Isolating Headphones too.So what kind of headphones do YOU need? Would you purchase a Noise Cancelling Headphone or a Noise Isolating Headphone? Just what is the Decibel Level and Frequency you want to cut? Do you realize that your choice of a headphone may differ with the environment you operate in?  



Relax! Akom has got you covered. Here is how –



An article on Noise Controlling Headphones in Forbes Magazine says …


To a large extent, it comes down to use. For example, what kind of sound do you want to block? If you’re in a cubeland-style office and want to cut down on the chatter of your coworkers, noise isolating would probably be better. If you’re a road warrior/heavy traveler, and you want to make a plane, train, or automobile quieter, noise cancelling is probably better….That about sums it up in a paragraph. However, since we are offering noise evaluation in your environment for free, you have nothing to lose. Just write to us now, get your headphones and perform in your business!Actually, there are a number of articles on the internet that describe what to buy and how to choose. However, none of the words match the personal expertise and evaluation of Akom. So do not wait, as we know everything from basics to advance about noise engineering employed with Headphones.


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