AK-60D Digital trunk recording gateway real time record to monitor all the signaling and conversations of E1 digital trunk line via high resistance parallel connection. It fit for make a high performance digital trunk recording monitor system based on ISDN PRI, SS7 signaling.



Support digital number one signaling (ISDN PRI), SS7 signaling.

Single device supplies 1 E1 or 2 E1 digital trunk high resistance two way monitor recording function.

Embedded ARM processor, DSP architecture, build-in PCI plug-in design.

High resistance input port, record gateway can directly bridge the trunk line which need to be monitor. It does not have any influence on the trunk line.

Single gateway can realize 30/60 lines call information collection, such as caller ID and called number. Two way voice record.

All call information and conversation data transit by Ethernet port.

It can easily add and extend digital trunk gateway via Ethernet port.

Advanced network communication, data driven mode, Free from operation system and computer.

It is convenient to do second development. The program can be porting.


Ports Standard Connector type
E1 Port 1~2个 RJ45
Network Port 10/100M Base-T RJ45
Control port RS232 port RJ11


Working Temperature:0~40℃   

Relative humidity(RH):10%~90%

Power: 14W

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