Synway 32 port
Synway 32 port

Synway SMG4016/4032 Wireless Gateway, the latest SMG4000 series members, could be compliant with a variety of wireless/mobile protocols (2G/3G), enabling interconnectionbetween GSM/CDMA/WCDMA network and VoIP network smoothly and safely. It is able to bridge wireless network with IP networks efficiently, regarding to the high-demanding user requirements. GSM4000 adapts self-propelled SIM card slots, advanced built-in VoIP processors and wireless modules, and helps enterprises and SPs launch diverse costefficient and flexible Wireless-to-IP communication systems. SMG4000 could also be applied into a range of systems, including remote billing and charge, Mobility PBX, PSTN backup lines, VoIP localization, SMS platform and more.

Key Features and Benefits:
• DSP-based AlgorithmDSP-enabled voice optimization to assurecrystal voice quality and maximize bandwidthefficiency;High-speed response and connectivity inthe extreme network environments, with better runefficiency;Telco-grade reliability and continuous highperformance in fully loaded capacity and in the longrun;
• High securityHigh security and privacy for users via automaticexchangeof different SIM cards and Networks. Inspecific environments, SMG4016/SMG4032 coulduse and activate multiple SIM cards circularly,improve system security, make full use of bandwidth,and increase ROI.
• Complete Protocols RangeSupport standard SIP protocols, and could be usedworldwide; Support both 2G/3G wireless network (indifferent versions), including both GSM/CDMA/LTEand More
• High Voice Optimization CapabilityAdopt Synway’s homegrown voice optimizationtechnologies to ensure crystal clear communication,including DSP-based 128mc echo cancellation
• High Flexibility and ScalabilityCould be configured from 16 or 32 Ports of Wirelessto-IP transmission, and support a diversity ofwireless networks in a single system
• User-friendly GUIEasy-to-use service Web based UI configuration andmanagement tools could help accelerate servicedeployment and simplify platform management
• High Interoperability with TerminalsCompliant with all brands of terminal mobile devicesand a complete range of SIP trunking worldwide,support auto-provision in complex ntwork environment
• Telco-Grade ReliabilityAdopts telco-grade standards and components todesign and manufacture, and certified and approvedby most telecom operators worldwide 

Functional Description
• Dimensions 440×44×200mm
• Weight Net: 3.5kg
• Environment: Operating temperature: 0??? —55???
Storage temperature: -20??? —85???
Humidity: 8%— 90% non-condensing
Storage humidity: 8%— 90% non-condensing
• LANAmount: 2 (10/100 BASE-TX (RJ-45))Self-adaptive bandwidth supportedAuto MDI/MDIX supported
• Console PortAmount: 1 RJ-45 (RS-232)Baud rate: 115200bpsData bits: 8 bitsStop bit: 1 bitParity unsupportedFlow control unsupported
• Power RequirementsInput voltage: DC 12V ± 10%Input current: ≥3A

Product Description

Synway 32 Port GSM IP Gateway


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