AKOM-04 USB-R series of telephone recording boxes adopts parallel connection, allowing recording of analog telephone, digital phone, all kinds of audio, radio and carrier phone. AKOM-04USB-R telephone recording boxes records with clear tone quality, is easy to install and take. Cooperating with mobile computers terminal can build a convenient-move telephone recording monitoring system


USB interface, provides easy installation, supports hot-swap, PNP(plug and play)and automatic recognition

Parallel connection and high-impedance recording module, have no influence on   two sides talk

Accurately judge the channel status(Pickup/Hangup, Ring times, Open-circuit or Short-circuit, Activity/Silence, Busy tone on line)

Supports three start-up modes respectively for voltage-controlled, sound-controlled and key-controlled

Supports caller ID display, which automatically identifies two modes respectively for FSK and DTMF

Provides caller ID detection in a wide dynamic range, and the accuracy of detection is in the industry-leading level.

Offers a large selection of audio encoding, including A-law PCM, ADPCM, GSM and so on

Configuring various functional modules in different ways results in high-impedance recording, automatic sound response and  leaving message.

Supports AGC in volume, which ensures the volume balance between the remote end and near end during call

Supports automatic recovery after hot-swap and USB port error

Drivers is based on event-driven, providing DLL dynamic link library and ActiveX control

Be capable of expanding automatic sound response and leaving message.

Supports 5-times compressed voice for storage, and audio data can be saved directly in WINDOWS-standard WAVE format


Development Environment:

Provides drivers in WIN2000/XP/7 and LINUX operating system

Provides DLL dynamic link library and ActiveX control

Supports VC++, VB, DELPHI, PB, C++ Builder, . NET, WEB

Provides the source procedure and audio editing tool as programming example.


Application areas:

Telephone Service’s working Quality Monitoring System

The key sector of Banking, Insurance, Securities ‘s audio monitoring

Scheduling departments: aviation, electric power, railways, oil, ports, transportation and other conducting control center

Offering telephone recording as evidence for government departments and enterprise


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