Hand-sized 32w is small and light. It is portable and plug and play. No drive
required. EXT SP Connector can match digital amplifier components to amplify
sound through external speaker. Interface adapters for USB interface, 6.5mm
audio interface and CANNON interface are optional


USB 2.4GHz digital wireless conference phone- 32W is ideal for high-end network
video & audio conference. It applies to software video conference system,
large screen AIO video systems, voice and video calling app such as Skype, QQ etc.
Connected to audio adapter, 32W can apply to hardware video conference system,
training and education system, network monitoring system, telemedicine system,
smart city system and recording conference system.

usb conference phone usage


Main Function

Technology of Digital wireless can support frequency hopping intelligently,
with Strong anti-interference.
Technology of Digital microphone, output of broadband loudspeaker and
No need drive program with USB mode, can work with WINDOWS and
Android operating system.
USB interface, 6.5mm audio interface, XLR interface adapter are available.
Built-in battery, intelligent power saving, easy battery charging with USB
Support audio output, can connect earphone active loudspeaker.
2nd Generation technology of Intelligent echo cancellation.
Algorithm of echo cancellation, noise cancellation, and automatic gain control and so on.


Master console: units of audio processing and function control, 2.4 RFID
processing Units, Immunity digital microphone unit, Built-in lithium battery, input
USB Wireless Adapter: USB Interface processing unit, processing units of 2.4G
RFID and data flow, 1 collapsible SMA antenna
Audio Interface Wireless Adapter processing unit, processing units of 2.4G
RFID and data flow, 1 collapsible SMA antenna
Cable: 1 USB cable,1 3.5mm Dual Channel audio cable
Master Size (L*W*H): 15.5 * 14.8 * 3.7 cm
Master Weight: 0.34kg
Wireless Adapter Size:
8.7 x 2.5 x 1.4 cm (Foldaway SMA Antenna Length: 2.8+8.2 cm )
Wireless Adapter Weight: 0.03kg
Power: USB-powered; 5V 500mA Maximum
Battery powered up to 5 to 8 hours
Power supply: USB interface (DC 5V/500mA) 5-8 h work hour
Power Consumption: 2.5W (Maximum)

USB wireless adapter interface
Wireless connects master and computer via USB wireless adapter, plug_and_play.
Audio wireless adapter interface
Wireless connects master and computer via audio wireless adapter, plug_and_play.
3.5mm stereo headphone jack
USB Power interface for lithium battery
Microphone mute, Speaker mute, volume up/down keys, ON / OFF button
1 microphone mutes light, 1 Speaker mute light, 3 indicator lights

Operating systems
Support Windows 8/7 /Vista/XP/2000 and Android. 14. Features of audio technology:
AEC Echo canceller, NR noise canceller, AGC automatic gain controller,
NLP Nonlinear echo canceller, ALC automatic level controller, EQ frequency
15. Features of RFID
Support anti-interference FHSS in 2.4G full-band, inserted with perfect
communication protocol and function of Power control, can reach frequency
Searching and hopping automatically via software, with good function of antijamming,
can coexist well in wireless environment with Bluetooth and wifi, also have stable
feature of RF Transceiver
wireless frequency: 2.400~2.4835 GHz ISM
Amount of Wireless channel: 18
Channel Spacing: 4MHz
transmitted power: ≤ 14dBm
Receiving Sensitivity ≥-83dBm
Wireless rate: 5Mpbs
Rf impedance: 50Ω (Nonequilibrium Model)
Sensory wireless distance: Outdoor 120m , Indoor 20m
Microphone: 1 (Digital unidirectional microphone)
loudspeaker:1 (3 inch antimagnetic loudspeaker)
Application environment: temperature 0~+40℃, relative humidity 20%~
Accessories: USB cable, portable bag, operation instruction (Paper or electronic
Package size: 27.0 x 23.0 x 8.3(cm)

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