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With everchanging demands of the industry, AKOM continues to bring those demands in terms of innovation to our products. We believe in staying one step ahead and that’s why our Dialpads serves most of your needs not just of the present but those that may arise in the future too. Compare our dialpads to any other in the industry and you would see a clear difference on how we score better. Be it in terms of quality, design or advance features, our telephone dialpads simply lead the market. Our clients are happy because of the product and we continue to receive appreciation and accolades from them.

AKOM India is one of the prominent name in Telephone Dialpad category in India. Our quality-tested dialpads have a long life that gives you more return per invested rupee in the infrastructure of your office. Apart from having specific functionalities common to all dialpads available in the market, we offer a beautiful design that sits gracefully on your desks.


AKOM India Telephone Dialpads is a cost-effective solution


Our Telephone dialpads are smooth in functioning and is a cost-effective solution for growing contact centers. The effectiveness of cost can be mathematically driven by the

  • Longer life 
  • Modern Design
  • Smooth Functioning
  • AKOM Service Support


If you are looking for a budget solution spread over years AKOM is a judicious choice.

Contact Center Telephone Dialpad

Do you wish to bring cost-effectiveness to your contact center?

At AKOM, we understand business needs, constraints and financial need. So, we offer a discount scheme from time to time to take off your worries regarding how much it may cost you to get Voice Loggers installed in your office. Please do not hesitate to check with us and we may just have a great offer on Voice Logger price ready for you!